Welcome to another wonderful year at Pacific Grove Unified School District. We are honored that you have chosen to entrust your children to our schools and we are very mindful of the important work we have ahead of us to meet the needs of every student. Part of our district vision is to “challenge every student with exceptional learning opportunities” and I believe we are well-equipped to do just that. Will Our hard working staff is dedicated to meeting each child’s academic, social and emotional needs…in and out of the classroom. Our School Board and district leadership are committed to providing each school with the necessary resources to ensure this success, and the broad array of co-and extracurricular activities offered at all of our sites brings the possibility of new experiences for everyone.   Additionally, we have a very strong partnership with our entire Pacific Grove community that permeates throughout our district. Parents, community members and alumni donate their time, talents, and financial resources to all of our schools. We all recognized that a prosperous educational experience is supported and by the contributions of all community members, and we are grateful that this symbiotic relations thrives here.

We are also very blessed to have an involved, reflective, and collaborative Board of Trustees who support every effort we make in maintaining our excellent array of programs. The current goals of our school board include:

  • High Focus on Student Learning and Achievement
  • Safety, Credibility, Confidence and Communication
  • Fiscal Solvency, Accountability and Integrity
  • Program, Services and Budget Alignment.

These goals are supported by the district strategic plan, superintendent’s goals, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and individual school site plans. All of these can be found on our district website. I encourage you to take a little time and explore our website and discover the bounty of information and resources we have made available for our public. The school board will be reviewing these board goals at the special September 28, 2017 meeting at 6 PM. You are all welcome to attend and be part of the conversation.

As a school district, we set and support high expectations for all students in learning environments, which also support emotional growth and stability. Each year we see our students performing well across various local and state measures, and create school district programs that foster continued growth in all areas. Our staff also understand the role that emotional intelligence and well-being are critical to the whole child, so we try to include mindfulness strategies as part of our daily work with students. Additionally, we are continuing to improve our efforts in developing and providing programs that foster equity for all students so that we can appropriately address the high diversity needs our district faces.

It should be noted that in light of the recent announcement regarding the repeal of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, we wish to take a moment to remind our entire community that Pacific Grove Unified School District welcomes all students and families, regardless of their immigration status.  We are deeply committed to ensuring that every student and family has access to a safe, equitable, and supportive educational environment. This has been a challenging time for many of our students and staff members, with so many unknown factors. We encourage students to talk about their feelings with trusted adults, including principals, counselors, and teachers.  However, any individual questions pertaining to the unique legal ramifications as a result of DACA being rescinded should be addressed privately and on an individual basis. Please note that earlier in September 2017 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson denounced the decision to suspend DACA.  He reminded California public school students and their families that California will keep protecting and supporting them


Spanish version: http://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr17/yr17rel60a.asp

You can find a variety of resources and links for support at:



We recognize the powerful role that all educators, certificate and classified, play in the lives of students and their families. This summer, our administrative team did a book study on “Contagious Culture” by Anese Cavanaugh. The book focuses on the idea that by being intentional about how we, as adults, “show up” to work allows us to “create a positive impact around us while, at the same time, feeling good and energized.” Ms. Cavanaugh goes on to discuss how a person’s “Intentional Energetic Presence” defines how the world perceives you and how you set yourself up to be helpful for others. Part of this model stresses that each of us are responsible for taking good care of ourselves so that we might access every aspect of strong leadership, including positive energy, wisdom, and creativity. Our leadership team will be infusing aspects of this book to help guide the work that we do with our students and staff. It is a wonderful read and I highly recommend you take a look.

I look forward to our shared journey as we shape the lives of our students and continue to build upon the successes we have nurtured.

Most sincerely,

Ralph G Porras



PGUSD Overview February 2018

Superintendent’s Goals 2017-18